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​Black composite door with satin glass

SAFE & SECURE All Safeguard composite doors are fitted with a top quality multipoint locking system as standard and have been tested under stringent independent conditions against ‘intruder attack’. The SafeGuard door has been certified to PAS23 and PAS24 standards. PAS24 is an enhanced security performance test that not all doors can achieve, so if you want to ensure your home has the highest level of security you should always ask for a SafeGuard door by name. STANDARD DOOR LOCK Our ultra secure door locking system has been specifically designed for use with our 44mm GRP door. The lock features multi point hook locking with an additional dead bolt and latch. It can be either operated by a lever/lever handle set or an off set lever handle set. The offset lever operation enable the user to leave the door unlocked but it prevents entry from outside through the door without the use of a key to operate the latch. Ask your installer to demonstrate this type of operation if you feel it may be a useful feature for you.

Downloadable brochure is available just copy and paste in your browser http://www.safeguardproducts.co.uk/wp-content/themes/safeguard-products/assets/publications/composite/

we ​can also fit blinds into our back doors to give you that added privacy

​Chartwell green composite door 

​Rosewood composite door